Blockchain disrupts all industries

Are you ahead of the pack in yours ? is a stack-agnostic consultancy laser-focused on development, education and consulting in a high-stakes environment.
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We are an interdisciplinary collective of professionals with over a decade of experience in all sectors that touch on Blockchain implementations.

What we do


From Meetups and Conferences to Speaker Engagements: we bring minds together for the advancement of Blockchain technologies.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive outreach strategy for your project or you seek a subject matter expert to deliver deep insights at your event: we have you covered.

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From Idea to Code: our Europe-based development team, hailing from 4 countries, has over a decade of experience in building software.

We help our customers with the full suite of development, from Ideation over Proofs-of-Concept to Deployment to Production.


Blockchain technology enables new types of markets and so carries its own set of Risks and Opportunities.

We counsel and train our clients to empower them to make the right infrastructure and and design decisions.

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Our Ecosystem and Client Base

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We make decentralised technology happen

You have made a decision to pivot your business but need a reliable partner ?

Aware of Blockchain's disruptive potential but don't know where to start ?

Our mission is to enlighten our clients to see the future of public services, Value Networks, Efficient Markets, We work with clients in both the public and private sector, EU-wide.

Whatever stage you are at, we've got your back!