We are determined to empower our clients to make informed decisions and support them in all aspects surrounding Blockchain technology that touch on their Business.

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Blockchain Impact Study

Blockchain technology is becoming more popular for its incomparable security, flexibility and automatisation of contracting tasks. Despite being in its early days, we can already see how correct blockchain implementations have the potential to disrupt entire industries. To avoid being surprised by such disruptive changes or missing out on opportunities, it’s extremely important for decision makers and enterprise leaders to already explore the applications of blockchain technology for their respective industries.

In our impact study we will together closely examine the impact of blockchain technology on your company and uncover potential action steps and options for your strategic positioning on the market.

Use Case Lab

In this Lab we exclusively focus on suitable blockchain use cases for your organisation. Since “blockchain” is still a popular buzzword, companies need to distinguish good ideas from misunderstandings about the technology, to make sure improvements work in realistic direction.

In our Lab, we will refine your existing ideas or develop blockchain use cases specifically tailored to your business. Coming from a variety of technological backgrounds, our team will make sure that we don’t lose track of the focus while also considering other options for implementation.

Blockchain Strategy Formation

Blockchain is more than just a supporting technology. It influences entire business segments from strategic positioning to product development. Your organisation not only needs to position itself on the market but also define specific roles, responsibilities and processes to successfully steer its business.

To fully explore the potential of the technology, all business segments and external partners (e.g. start-ups) need to be aligned towards a common goal. We will to guide you through this process with a variety of well established methodologies.

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Successful business model transitions do not happen by chance.

Whether you seek to establish new business lines or transform existing ones, we provide the guidance you need to make informed decisions quickly and stay ahead in the age of digital decentralisation. Our team has you covered from ideation, implementation to Change Management.

Facing different challenges in the public sector ?

Smart Cities facing the dawn of 5G, Digital Citizenship, Autonomous Electric Transport and the resulting social challenges are not lost on us. Our strong network of technology vendors and stakeholders in the EU public sector enables us to validate projects and estimate scope quickly.