Two Day Practice Workshop: Blockchain and Smart Contracts

With hands on starting with the cryptographic puzzle pieces we are going into building up an understanding for blockchain technologies.
This will put us in the position to discuss and analyse use cases. Do we really need a blockchain? What are
the advantages and disadvantages? What are the current risks regarding scalability, security and
transaction throughput? Might it be better to use a private blockchain or a hybrid model?

Bitcoin shows to be a very stable and secure blockchain without much flexibility. Much moreopportunity lies with the Ethereum blockchain -optimised for general computation with full support for Smart Contracts.
We will design and test different Smart Contracts reflecting real-world use cases and look into attack vectors as well as the consequences of those attacks and action plans on how to avoid them.

Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Ledger, Hash-Function, SHA-2, Public/Private Key, Merkle-Trees,Bitcoin (BTC), Altcoins, Proof-of-Work, Mining Difficulty, Ether (ETH), Solidity, Ethereum,Virtual Machine, “Code is Law”, Decentralized Applications, IPFS, Hyperledger, Sidechains,Hard Forks.

Quick note to all who are looking to dive deeply into Blockchain Technologies: This is not a developer training. The focus is a general introduction into the blockchain topic with hands on examples to understand the technology use cases.

Your trainers:
● Tim Bansemer, Blockchain Consultant and Founder of
● Dawid Golebiewski, Blockchain Business Architect at

A hands-on workshop comprising discussions and interactions with room for individual support. Our goal is to enable you and your team/organisation to be able to act in an informed manner within the new world of decentralized technologies. We focus on usage of cryptographic functions , understanding distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and, sepcifically,  deploying and testing Smart
Contracts in safe environments.


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Default locations are Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

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